Design Challenge

Kodak isn’t largely advertised and feels very outdated in appearance and when you walk into one of their stores, however, looking at the services and technology that Kodak offer is quite the opposite, they are keeping up to date with the latest technology and services , having both looked on their website, going in store and talking with Kodak.

Kodak definitely has the strength to keep up with rivals, but I feel that their advertising and belief in themselves is quite weak as they appear to have distanced themselves from the public eye. They need to reconnect with their heritage, Kodak believe that pictures should be shared and to help everyone appreciate the little things in life, capturing life’s valuable and most fondest memories.

Kodak need to rebrand themselves so that the public understand that a photo is more than an image, it’s a memory that you make for a lifetime, photos should be shared and seen, they should not just be pixels on a memory card hidden away on a computer.

To successfully rebrand, Kodak need to emphasise the ‘memories’ aspect and that anyone and everyone should be able to capture their memories for a lifetime; their original principle behind the company, this can be done by a range of different advertising applications, such as posters, a website, logo, store appearance, magazine spread, memorable tag lines and many other ways to communicate with the audience.


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