Existing Rebrands by Dowling Duncan

Inspirational Existing Rebrands

I love this rebrand, I feel it is very strong, it reflects Kodak’s original principles and links in with Eastman’s belief’s for the company.

 …it only makes sense to look backwards in order to move forwards.’

This quote, to me, shows that this design has used the past to form the future, this is how I want to rebrand Kodak, I want to look at the history behind Kodak and use key elements that have impacted upon everyone’s lives in the photography world, Kodak needs to remind people that they had the leading technology and that Kodak can be trusted in again.

The design has a very modern, contemporary feel, it is really simple and elegant, it also plays on the original logo designs from Kodak, using the ‘K’ letterform, it could also relate to Eastman’s reasoning for the letter ‘K’

‘it seems a strong and incisive sort of letter’ – George Eastman, 1888

The logo I feel works really strongly and is suitable for application with the brochure, I also like the use of the red and yellow colour palette working with the black as this keeps the traditional aspects of the brand, however, personally, I feel that the posters take away the impact from the overall rebrand, they feel weaker and as if they belong to a different Kodak rebrand.

I think this design will have a strong influence on my Kodak rebrand as it has made me think about keeping the rebrand simple, truthful and powerful.


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