Kodak Believe…


‘Fulfilling customers needs is the only road to corporate success’ – George Eastman

A camera should be simple and easy to use, anyone and everyone should be able to capture the memories they create that will live on forever and you can relive whenever.

Kodak remains loyal to capturing all of life’s valuable and fondest memories in detail, Kodak wants to ensure you live life to your full potential.

Kodak wants to help everyone appreciate the little things in life, it thrives on positivity, creativity and simplicity.

Kodak is unconvinced of the impact of technology on humanity as it is more interested in the emotional benefits, using these emotions to connect with the audience.

George Eastman was committed to bringing photography into the hands of everyone by ensuring Kodak creates a premium, high quality product at the lowest possible price.

Eastman’s four basic principles –

  1. Mass production
  2. International distribution
  3. Extensive advertising
  4. Always focus on the customer

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