So… where did it all go wrong for Kodak?


Steve Sasson – Inventor of the first digital camera, 1975

Kodak had an emotional connection for many people and was notably an emblem of American industrial innovation, but it began to get competition from rivals, especially from Japan who learnt to innovate quicker than Kodak. The problem started when film photography started to decline, Kodak spent billions into developing technology for taking pictures using mobile phones that they decided to hold back from developing digital cameras for the mass market as they feared they would lose business from film companies.

Canon and Fujifilm were the first companies to advertise digital cameras, but it was actually Kodak that developed the first digital camera in 1975, the inventor Steve Sasson took the invention to the bosses who dismissed the idea, it was here that they missed the way to lead the way in the world with this latest leading technology.

Digital cameras became very popular as it allowed users to instantly view their photos, save to a memory card and download their images onto a computer, they can be easily edited, shared across the world and and printed out in different formats as and when needed.

Kodak’s rival competitors, mainly Fuji Film wer leaving Kodak behind as their technology was stronger and more advanced, Fuji Film could offer better quality products for less money, making Kodak very outdated and contradict their own principles behind the company, but Kodak strongly believed that the trust they had built up with their customers over the years would stand by their brand, sadly this didn’t happen.

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Text on Kodak failing as a brand

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This is a link to an article about why Kodak went from being a strong brand to a failing brand

This is another link to an article on Kodak failing as a brand and how they need to change



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