Kodak Logo

Kodak Logo

Kodak’s logo redesign, 2006

“Perez also unveiled the latest evolution of Kodak’s brand logo. This new look moves the Kodak name out of the traditional yellow box, giving it a more contemporary design, a streamlined rounded look and distinctive letters. This introduction is the latest step in the company’s broad brand transformation effort, which reflects the multi-industry, digital imaging leader Kodak has become.” – Antonio Perez

Source -http://www.identityworks.com/reviews/2006/kodak.htm

This is Kodak’s current logo, the typeface was hand drawn by Allen Hori, a New York based graphic designer. He designed this typefcae specifically for Kodak, the custom typeface had a fresh and rounded appearance, giving it a simpler and visually more attractive look, the colour red was used to show  love, passion, courage, expression and defines the moments of life.

Source – http://www.famouslogos.us/kodak-logo/

I feel that this logo has lost character from the previous logo’s that have been used to represent Kodak, I feel it is not as distinctive, also, losing the yellow and black from the logo takes away originality, however, I admit that the red and white do contrast one another, making it appear visually strong and stand out. I feel that there is nothing overly special about this logo like there was for the previous logo’s such as the ‘arrow’ in the old logo.

For my rebrand, I intend to firstly redesign Kodak’s logo so that it relates to Kodak’s beliefs and appears more like their original logo’s so that the audience can relate instant to the original brand. The logo is important as it is the first communication between consumer, brand and products, plus the rebrand is about showing why Kodak was so successful, so I must go back to the past to form the future.


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