Kodak Moodboard by Alexandra Coll

Kodak Moodboard by Alexandra Coll

Kodak Rebrand Moodboard by Alexandra Coll


This is a mood board that Alexandra Coll has designed for her rebranding of Kodak. I feel her moodboard supports her rebrand rationale, it is appropriate for the young target audience that she has chosen due to the playful colours, fun typefaces and the fact that this age group is particularly interested in taking photos. I think that it does have a nostalgic feel with the chosen images and colours and shows that it is suitable for the amateur photographer.

Her approach to Kodak’s rebrand is to position Kodak not just for its technology but to create a nostalgic atmosphere, reminding the audience that by using Kodak you can relive your memories anywhere, anytime, she wants to relate it similarly to Kodak’s campaign, Kodak Moment.

The message that she intends to deliver to her audience is that Kodak is all about the memory and staying loyal to capturing and protecting your memories, her audience is emotionally and socially driven so ease of product use and understanding will be key to make this campaign successful.

Having read and studied this article I feel that it is a strong campaign, I feel the target audience is appropriate for this rebrand as it incorporates Kodak’s past beliefs and modernises them in today’s world. I feel it is good that the target audience is always the main focus for the campaign and it combines the fun element of the audience with Kodak, I feel that the choice of colour palette works for this target audience as it is fresh, young and new but feel it may take some importance and significance away from the original colour scheme, such as the red.


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