Kodak Moodboard by Kelly Clawson

Kodak Moodboard by Kelly Clawson

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.55.56

This is a moodboard that Kelly Clawson has designed for her rebranding of Kodak. I feel that her moodboard does support her rebrand concept, it keeps the originality of Kodak, it’s fun and simple, uses original colours and has a strong balance between modern and vintage aspects, I feel it is appropriate for her chosen target audience.

Her approach is to recall their history, reliability and trustworthiness, she wants to bring the fun aspect back to Kodak by steering Kodak away from modern technology and giving their consumers easy access to vintage effects by supporting the use of film cameras.

‘Kodak is everything digital is not!’

She intends to connect with her audience emotionally by using Kodak’s rich and successful history with film and film camera’s, reassuring trust in the audience, she is targeting people who enjoy the qualities that film photographs offer and enjoy the simplicity of picture taking. Her audience is aged between 18 – 35 year olds, who enjoy being creative but don’t have the time to commit to the the ‘art’ of photography. She feels her audience believe that Kodak is currently outdated but not in a vintage way.

Having read and studied this article, my initial idea was to rebrand Kodak in a ‘vintage’ style, Apple’s Instagram was the inspiration for me wanting to do this having seen how popular and successful it has been for this target audience. For me, I remember growing up with Kodak photographic prints, and today still brings back a nostalgic feeling holding a physical print, taking me back to that special moment in time, I do feel Kodak does fit in with the vintage era but it is not strong enough to work as a rebrand.

I like the idea that Kelly has, but I feel ignoring digital technology is the wrong direction, people constantly want the latest technology on the market, they can easily achieve a vintage and film photos from latest technology effects, I also feel that sticking to the original film process IS going to be time consuming for the audience, therefore contradicts the needs of the audience.


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