Kodak Rebrand by Emmily Shaw

Kodak Rebrand by Emmily Shaw

This is a rebrand for Kodak by designer Emmily Shaw, I think her rebrand is really good, it’s strong, clear, modern and effective and appeals to her target audience of professional photographers. I really like the use of black and white, it creates a strong contrast, to me this shows that her rebrand is straightforward, simple and true. In this rebrand you can really see that she has thought about her target audience all the way through, her design craft is really strong and I think she has interesting applications and has explored them in depth. I think I shall use elements from her rebrand to help influence my designs and make me think about my target audience and the look/feel of my brand.

Her logo redesign is really simple, she says ‘I wanted to strip away everything extra and create a minimal mark that these photographers could recognize, but the everyday person would perceive as ambiguous.’ looking at her logo, she has definitely achieved what she set out to do, I think it is really strong, it looks professional, very modern and sleek and I think it is a timeless logo. However, I feel that it takes away Eastman’s reasons for choosing the letter ‘K’ ‘It seems a strong, incisive sort of letter’, here he implies the whole letter but in Emmily’s design she has removed part of the ‘K’ therefore, (going by Eastman’s belief) it is not as strong or as incisive.

Her website design is very simple, keeping in with both her’s and Kodak’s principles, it is well suited for her target audience, it is strong, sophisticated and focuses purely on the photography, I like how she has created a community that is only available only if the photographer’s portfolio has been approved, this gives it a unique angle and makes the audience motivated to become a member, it is also a good way to network if people are looking to hire photographers. I initially felt it restricted the target audience and could have a negative impact upon them, however, I feel it is strong enough to make them want to be a part of the community.

Emmily’s magazine design is really stunning, the finished quality and appearance is very professional. I like the rubberised case, this is a strong and appealing element for buying the magazine, I like how it emphasises the logo, it definitely strengthens the brand. The layout within the magazine is creative, elegant and simple, it focuses purely on the photography and I like how there is a theme to each spread and different photo filter effects on the images. This is very suitable for the target audience and I also feel it would interest people outside of her target audience, for example – people interested in magazine layout or people that are wanting to learn more about photography and increase there knowledge.

The film box designs are creative. I like the simplicity and the idea for the different grades of film paper, showing this by changing the opacity levels of the boxes. I like that she has included this aspect from Kodak as professional photographers will still be using film cameras and it shows Kodak’s past successes.

The video and mobile darkroom is a great way of advertising. The video is really strong and clear, it will engage with the target audience and make them want to take part with this community. I feel that the mobile darkroom will appeal to a range of people, young, old, professionals and amateurs, everyone can learn something and it’s a very different stall for people to visit/use, it is appropriate at events as it will encourage business, popularity and everyone likes capturing their memories.

Overall, this has to be one of my favourite and strongest rebrands that I have seen, it is different in terms of applications and approach, well thought through and has inspired me and made me think about how I can communicate to my audiences by designing something that is unique, exciting and creative.


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