Kodak Rebrand by Joe Lee

Kodak Rebrand by Joe Lee

Joe Lee's Kodak Rebrand

This is a rebrand for Kodak designed by designer Joe Lee, I love the logo redesign, it is very modern, fresh and fun, I think it plays up to Kodak’s beliefs and it is very similar to Kodak’s current logo, I think he has put emphasis on the ‘O’ by using the red to represent a camera lens maybe, I think it’s really strong and effective that he has stuck to Kodak’s original colours as this helps the audience create a quick and strong connection with the original Kodak brand.

He has designed a range of applications for Kodak, I feel his rebrand is very corporate and targeted at a very professional audience as it has a very sophisticated feel about it. I think that because it has a strong, corporate business like feel that this takes away the ‘fun’ element of the original brand principles.

Looking at his range of applications, the packaging for the ‘Brownie’ camera for me feels out of place from the rebrand, it feels like there are two different rebrands as it has a fun aspect to the design, I think maybe the simplistic use of vectors would appeal to a younger target audience as it looks quite young and has an atmosphere of excitement about it, I see this as being used for personal use.

The packaging doesn’t seem to follow the faded layer design that has been used for other applicationsappeals to businesses as it is very professional and would work well in the business environment.

I like the 5 colour yellow aspect to his designs as it could relate to the printing side of the company and how Kodak has so many different layers and have built themselves up from the bottom to reach the top.

The faded layer design has been explored and used more widely, it has a very corporate, professional appeal to it and it helps to create trust for the audience. Personally, I think that although this rebrand looks very graphically strong, it doesn’t fully reconnect with Kodak’s original principles for the brand, if some of the fun could be put into the layered designs, this would be a strong and successful rebrand.


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