Kodak Gallery – Advert

This is the lengthened sequence of the ‘Live Forever’ advert, for me this is Kodak’s strongest and my favourite advert they have produced. It combines so many different feelings and emotions, just like our images of memories do. I like that the advert includes all generations, reaching out to all target audiences, I feel that this allows everyone to relate to particular parts of the advert in different emotional ways. The music that has been used is very effective and appropriate, it relates to the image that is on the screen, whether it be a happy photo, reflection on the past photo, sad photo or a scene telling the story further, the music gives the advert more emotion for the audience. ‘Keep me, protect me, share me and I will live forever’ tagline is very impacting towards the audience, it sums up Kodak’s belief’s and it gives trust to the audience, if Kodak kept producing adverts like this, they would still be a strong, world leading brand.


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