Kodak’s Historic Moments – Taglines

After feedback back from a group review, the concept about using famous events was a really strong idea for the rebrand, however, not all of the posters had a link to Kodak, therefore I needed to use my research and find relevant and interesting events that Kodak have helped create. Below is the list of events that I have found, I feel they are really interesting and will remind and even teach the audience something new about the successes of Kodak, this concept is really strong as it will give the audience that trust back that they once had. The message that these posters are advertising is that Kodak once helped capture these precious memories in time and helped change lives, so have trust that today Kodak will still capture and protect your memories.

1896 – X-Ray Film

– ‘Insight’

1917 – Acetate film for gas masks and plane wings

– ‘Life through a lens’

1928 – Disney, premier Steamboat Willie

– ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’

1962 – John Glenn, earth orbit

– ‘I see Earth, it is so beautiful’

1969 – Apollo, Neil Armstrong

– ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’

1975 – First Digital camera

– ‘Go Digital’

1997 – Mars Rover

– ‘Life on Mars’

2008 – Oscar Award for Best Picture

– ‘and the Oscar goes to…’


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