So Kodak – Advert

This Kodak advert uses celebrities Drake, Pitbull, Trey Songz, and Rihanna, I feel that when a company has to use celebrities, then they are in real trouble. For me, this advert isn’t believable, it feels very fake. The purpose behind the campaign ‘is a celebration of how many young, socially-connected consumers often use the phrase “So Kodak” to refer to the state of mind that one has when he or she feels that they are looking their hottest or when they are socializing in a place or with people that are considered hip or popular.’. I feel that this campaign has given Kodak a new audience to focus on, a younger, socially obsessed target audience, it does still capture memories but I feel it has lost the nostalgic feeling and true meaning behind Kodak that it created from older adverts. I also think that Kodak thought if they used celebrities it would instantly make people want to go out and buy a Kodak, but for me this advert is selling the celebrities not the real Kodak.


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