Penguin Texts – The Big Sleep – Brief

Brief – Part One

Using The Big Sleep’s half title, author’s biography, title, colophon an chapter 1, you are required to set the book text by applying the rules and conventions of typography, consider the nature of the book in terms of size, format and grid.

Brief – Part Two

This is the competition brief for the Penguin design awards.

The brief is to produce three individual responses to the Penguin brief

Photography Jacket – the front cover should be a single photographic image – any text matter will appear as part of the photograph (in camera). Any special effects – double exposures etc. should be ‘in camera’, the back cover, blurb and spine text can be added digitally afterwards.

Digital Jacket- this can be any digital design that is of relevance to The Big Sleep, however no vector graphics are allowed.

Print Jacket – this will be a limited edition print utilising one or more of the following print processes: screen printing, lino cutting, rubber stamping, monoprinting, letterpress etc.

After each cover has been produced, they will all be reviewed and the strongest and most appropriate design selected will be submitted for the Penguin Design Awards.


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