Digital Cover – Coin Idea

Characters and Coins

As the book is based around money and bribery, and coins have faces on the,, I thought it would be a strong way to show each of the characters as a different coin and use different values of coin to show the richer and poorer characters.

I originally wanted to photograph these using American coins, but I felt it might be hard to differentiate between the characters and find 14 coins that were different – suitable for each character. The images are stills from ‘The Big Sleep’ film, I used these as a reference.

Coin Illustration

I then went on and drew the coins and characters out I felt a hand drawn approach could look more effective, however, when trying to use these as a book layout, it looked to childish and not appropriate for the audience or book.

Watercolour Coins

I created the above circles using water colour, I liked the raw texture.

Vector Characters Vector Coins

I really like vector graphics, however, they are overused in design and as we weren’t allowed to use them for this project, I had to find another way to create them. By cutting different coloured card into shapes, I was able to create a different look for each character, I feel that this works really strongly and the look of it is very different and personal, the idea is to combine the vector images with the water colour coins.

Vector Coins

These are the coins that have been created with the vectors and watercolour, I felt that the grey water coloured coin worked more effectively and helped show that they were coins, the typeface for the text I tried to relate it to a stamped coin font. The vectors work really well, they stand out and easily show each character, when designing them, I tried to pick out certain elements from each so that they had more character relation, for example Marlowe’s hat.

Although I am happy with them, they still do not work as coins and are quite weak for the design.


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