Existing Book Covers and Inspirational Imagery

Winning Penguin Covers

Source – http://www.penguin.co.uk/static/cs/uk/0/minisites/penguindesignaward/index.php

These are a selection of the past book cover winners for the Adult Penguin Design Award.

The Penguin Design Award is an opportunity for students to engage in book jacket design whilst working to specific guidelines.

Image Inspiration

These are a selection of images that I feel would create strong and appropriate imagery for The Big Sleep. I really like the ink in water images, they have a dramatic and mysterious feel about them and look very textured with strong contrast, text could easily be applied to work with the shape of the ink cloud and the use of one or two colours would keep the design simple, strong yet effective, I feel it would stand out from other books and be appropriate for the target audience. I also looked at acrylic painting, I love the rough and raw feel to the images, they are dramatic, layered and create questions for the audience. I also like the acrylic combined with masking tape, the effect is layered which would relate to the many different events that occur in the story and how characters aren’t as they appear to be. The illustrated drawing with coloured ink are very strong, I like the contrast of the dark lines and bright colours, this style of work could be an  effective digital cover.

Image Inspiration

These images are quite literal elements from the story, they would be most effective if photographed. The images for the front cover be of the book shop, this would show who, where and why all of the events occurred. Another way would be to photograph drugs, it would be dramatic and powerful, however, I feel it would be too obvious and doesn’t show the main events from the story. The use of lights and cobbled streets is strong, it helps to set the theme and era of the story, if a red light was used it could subtly represent the sexual aspects and the deaths in the story, it could also show the revealing of each character and who had committed the murders. The bed sheets are strong, textured, and would be easy to apply text too, they would show the innocence, the sexual encounters, bribery and corruption, although they would take on a literal meaning to the title and the story, I feel they would be very appropriate for the target audience and successful.

Inspirational Images

These are a selection of book covers and imagery that I found inspiring, I love the vibrant colours and simple layouts, I like how there is a visible strong hierarchy in the covers, I really like the cover with the grid of images and the style they have been designed in, this would be really strong for The Big Sleep, I could chose elements from the story and characters and replicate this design.

Inspirational Book Covers

Source – http://www.graphicart-news.com/60-best-book-cover-designs-of-2011-inspirational-portfolio-36/#.UNWa6aXPPxo

The above link is reference for the images, I love these book covers, they are all different yet creative, I love the typography, colours and simplicity or creativity of the images. I feel that there are certain elements to these covers that could influence and relate to the story.

The links below are further visual reference I used for inspiration –






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