My Photos – The Big Sleep (Photography Cover)

My Photo Experiments

After my feedback session, I looked at the main aspects within the book and photographed new images that would be suitable. I took images of an old fashioned outside lamp, this would be to show the era, feel of the book and create mystery. I also photographed an appropriate style of chair next to a lamp, I really liked the lighting and feel that the images create, however, this I felt was too obvious and cliche. I then thought about the title of the book ‘The Big Sleep’ and though bed sheets would be appropriate as Carmen climbs into Marlowe’s bed and she is found drugged and naked having just been photographed. I felt it would be strong at relating literally to the title, to the sexual aspect in the book and the scenes with the bed. I like how the photos create texture and have an atmosphere about them. Text would work strongly, cutting out a suitable typeface and photographing it in camera would look powerful, there is also a lot of space, this will allow me to be creative with the layout.


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