The Big Sleep – My Understanding

Having listened to the audio of The Big Sleep and read the plot overview, I have found that this book has many layers and is very hard to understand, I found it hard to follow the stories and roles of all the characters, therefore I created a mind map of the characters showing how their lives cross and link to each other. This mind map that I created visually looked like it could make an interesting book jacket, I shall experiment with this idea for my design ideas.

Crossing paths of characters –

Marlowe – Harry, Mona, Sternwood, Carmen, Arthur, Owen, Rusty

Arthur – Marlowe, Joe, Carmen, General, Owen, Agnes

General – Vivian, Carmen, Marlowe, Arthur, Rusty, Owen

Carmen – Marlowe, Arthur, Owen, Vivian, Rusty General

Vivian – Carmen, General, Owen, Arthur, Rusty, Joe

Owen – Athur, Vivian, Carmen, General

Mona – Eddie, Marlowe

Eddie – Owen, Mona

Harry – Marlowe, Agnes

Carol – Arthur, Joe

Lash – Marlowe, Eddie, Harry

Agnes – Arthur, Harry

Joe – Vivian, Carmen, Marlowe



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