Willem Sandberg and Saul Bass

Willem Sandberg Art

This is the work the work by Willem Sandberg, a Dutch typographer. I chose to look at his work as I like the raw feel it has to it, it’s simple, fresh and colourful. I could use this technique to strongly show elements from the story for my print cover, I could tear bits of paper and then screen print over them, this would create dramatic contrasting effects and create a ‘rough’, textured style print.



Saul Bass Art

This is the work of my all time favourite graphic designer, Saul Bass. I love his work as it is timeless, colourful, simple and interesting, I would love to recreate his work for ‘The Big Sleep’ the hands could be used to show corruption and bribery, and the body would be a strong element to represent all of the deaths in the book and how everyone wants a piece of/from someone else. I love the simple shapes he uses and textures created, I feel his work would be very suitable for my target audience.


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