Our ideas focus around Plan portraying the girls not as victims but what they are doing to solve the problem, we want to motivate the audience to support the campaign and get involved.

Quotes we found –

‘The girls learn how to sew, run a household, tie dye, knit and conserve vegetables. They now aspire to run their own businesses and pass on their skills to other girls’

‘I now know my rights and responsibilities and I am able to help my other friends to understand their rights’

‘Provide a year’s school supplies for a girl in our Sierra Leone project’

‘Train community workers in Bangladesh to register births, meaning girls can prove their age and claim their rights’

‘Provide a 3 month scholarship to a girl in El Salvador that will equip her with the skills to earn her income’

Source – Shermeen Ahmed –

We came up with a range of ideas but we felt these were the strongest

Education Ideas –

  • shoe box
  • speech / voice

Source –

The shoe box idea involves sending a shoe box full of toys, educational material, hygiene items and other items to poorer countries, or unfortunate children to help them out. We thought this was a great idea as it would allow the audience to get involved and communicate with the child they have helped out as it would work like a ‘pen-pal’, however, although this was a good idea, it didn’t solve the challenge about giving girls a voice or education.

Therefore, our other idea was to focus on their voices, giving girls a voice, using speech as the communicator. We intend to find positive, successful case studies that show how Plan have helped girls but how they need the audiences help.



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