Down to Earth – Poster

TKD Poster


This is the poster that I produced for this brief.

I produced it in this style as researched shoed that posters in TKD halls are thin and ling, I decided to use a hand produced stamp type as I felt the time and effort put into printing each letter reflects the time and effort that every student and the unsung heroes put into their training it also relates to having a hands on approach

I wanted to keep images simple and in the same style as the poster, therefore I created the images out of my previous chalked experiments.

In my review feedback, I was told that the piece was strong and an unexpected outcome because of the style it has been produced in, yet they felt ‘something was missing’ from the piece.

I intend to work on the piece to make it stronger, I have noticed a few spelling errors and I feel that some letters need to be moved around.


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