Development and Final Book – Down to Earth

ISTD Beauty Shots


Originally, I produced a long, narrow poster as the final outcome for this project.

The feedback that I received from my tutors was that the design was fresh and surprising, yet there was elements missing from the design that I should explore further.

At the time, I felt that I rushed this project and didn’t produce a suitable design outcome that answered the brief to its best and I felt it didn’t show my unsung heroes effectively. In my creative idea process, I looked into creating a book, I felt that this would be more appropriate as it would relate to the training books that students learn the syllabus from, it would be much easier to display and read and also, I would be able to give my instructors a copy of the book.

I am going to develop my project further, I am still going to use most of the elements from my poster as they are strong, relevant and the hand produced aspect is a design feature that I don’t very often used, therefore I feel this will strengthen my portfolio and possibly inspire me to use similar techniques for future projects.

The hand printed type was originally inspired by the company ‘The Bright Side’ their designs are simple, fresh, modern and very popular with the public. They are easy to replicate and I felt that the hand crafted approach related to Tae Kwon Do due to the fact that it is a physical sport,and you have to contribute a lot of thought, time and care.

I strongly believe that a book format will be the best outcome for this design and project. I want a professional printed book, therefore I am going to use online book maker ‘blurb’ to produce and print my book. I have chosen to give my book a hardback cover as I feel this will protect the book further but it will also represent the Ying and the Yang in Tae Kwon Do, the hard and soft.

The paper I have chosen to use is going to be a standard semi-matte finish paper stock, the white paper will be more suitable against the black printed text and support the ‘innocence’ of Tae Kwon Do and the fact you start from white belt and work your way up to black belt.

The format of the book will be a square, size 18cm x 18cm. I feel a smaller book will be easier to hold and read and it will relate to the training books. The square is also of importance as the pattern diagrams used for Tae Kwon Do could follow very square and angular lines of direction.

The page layouts will be very structured and disciplined, the belts and tenets pages will follow the same layout and format as these are very important to the sport and are followed and lived by.

Images will give the book colour and break up the quantity of text. I will put emphasis on words that I feel are important to the sport and use the text in the most creative way to tell the story of my unsung heroes.




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