Street Design – Group Presentation

The question for our group presentation was to find 1 poor and 2 successful designs of street experience that uses technology.

1 – Successful

Water Light Graffiti

Video Link –

This is a development from Digitalarti Artlab where they have constructed a wall of LED lights which light up when touched by water. We felt this was successful because we thought it was cool and it was very interactive for the audience and would make them want to get involved with it, we also liked how water and electric mixed and the way that they worked together to create harmless fun graffiti.

2 – Successful

Piano Stairs

Video Link –

Video Link –

The Piano Stairs was created by The Fun Theory and they believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour is to do it by making things fun, in this case they designed stairs that when walked on made piano noises. We felt that this was successful as it makes people want to get involved, it is a fun and simple interaction and it makes them take the stairs over the escalator.

3 – Unsuccessful

Aperture, Responsive Environment

Video Link –

This is an interactive installation designed by Frederic Eyl and Gunnar Green it is called Aperture, Responsive Environment. We felt that this was a clever design but felt it was an unsuccessful street experience design as we felt people would just walk past it and not take notice of it, plus we thought people who did engage with it wouldn’t stay involved with it for very long.

Sweatshoppe – Video Painting Europe


Video Link –

This is a video showing the artwork by Sweatshoppe. They have designed technology that allows them to digitally paint onto walls and buildings within cities all around the world. We felt that this technology was really clever, however we didn’t think that it was very interactive for an audience to engage with therefore couldn’t categorise it.



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