Interactive Museum Displays

Here are a few other examples of interactive museum displays that I felt could influence the technology within my experience.

Website Link –

This website has a list of different interactive experiences. They are aimed at a wide range of audiences yet all convey an important message to their audiences through the use of new, creative and fun technologies, my favourite one is The BugWorld Experience.

The BugWorld Experience.

It is aimed at children and takes them on an immersive journey seen through the eyes of a bug. Visitors move through recreated habitats which allows for a change of pace and mood, live specimens are included and areas where children can interact and learn about the bugs and the conservation programme.

bugworld4 bugworld1 bugworld3

Helmand, The Soldier’s Story

This experience was designed for the National Army Museum in London, covering the Army’s present involvement in Afghanistan. The experience allows the audience to feel and gain an understanding into the lives of active soldiers and their daily duties. It includes real life items as exhibits, for example, sandbags for housing, an accommodation tent with sleeping bunks, mortar pits, medical hut and parachute drop supplies.

helmand2 helmand3 helmand1


Deep Sea Room

Website Link –

This experience is about the beauty of jellyfish, it’s a 3D experience which uses light, projections, architecture and human interactions to work. Visitors approach the walls, move around and walk away the amount of jellyfish will increase and decrease, the blue colours create a natural, calm and real life experience.

TakahiroMatsuo3 TakahiroMatsuo2 TakahiroMatsuo5 TakahiroMatsuo7


21 Balancoires (21 Swings)

Video Link –

This video is of an installation that offers a fresh look at the idea of cooperation, the belief that we can achieve more working together than we can alone. The result in this video is a giant musical instrument made of 21 interactive swings. While each swing triggers its own set of individual notes, some melodies only emerge from cooperation.




Video Link –

This is an interactive installation that uses a stretched sheet of spandex which acts as a membrane interface that is sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire like visuals and expressively play music.



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