My Object – Dinky

For this brief, I have chosen to base it around my Smart Car, Dinky.

I chose my car because I can clearly state my opinion, thoughts and feelings and I have a good and wide knowledge about him.

I feel that designing the project around something I love and I am very interested in will allow me to design a very strong final outcome for this brief.

I will collect opinions, thoughts and feelings from other people within the Smart Clubs to help me look at Smart’s from different perspectives and help discover them in different ways which I will then use to help answer the brief more effectively.


Information about my Smart Car:

  • Fortwo Coupe Special Edition Urbanstyle
  • 250 Models ever made
  • Exclusive matt finish paintwork
  • Six spoke alloys
  • Black leather, heated seats with yellow stitching
  • Flappy paddle gearbox
  • 71bhp
  • 3 years old

The link above is a PDF version of the cabriolet version of my Smart Car.


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