Concertina Books

I feel that a concertina book will work perfectly for my project and object. I like the idea of having something small that turns into something bigger and longer, this could represent the judgement my car gets off being really small yet when you are inside it is actually quite big. Also, I am taking and showing the audience a journey, therefore the format will be idea for this and I will be able to use both sides of the concertina.

Below are some images of concertinas where I like these particular styles of design –




open_book2 homesteadavenue_concertinabook1 alphabeta-concertina


recov letrprs bkshape 2 inside-map-accordion-550 GE DIGITAL CAMERA northumbria_graphic_design_degree_show_2013__10 DSC_0504 2013-02-11 16.22.12 b9bc670542207e659d8167acee6f3403 concertina-edition

concertina-ed-in-slipcase fletcher_0 alpha_0


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