National Trust D&AD

Below are designs for this brief from students from other universities which I have found very inspiring and helpful

Adam Stanway –


I really like the concept behind his idea and how he has created a mixture between wildlife, adventure and the work place. I like the formats that he has produced such as posters, DPS, mugs and water bottles.

Luvena Jade Petty –


I really like this idea and I think that it integrates smoothly into the National Trust. I also like how the technology is part of the activity as the target audience nowadays are ruled by their smartphones, I think it is a simple yet effective idea.

Charlotte Rotherham –

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 17.16.26


I like the vector images and the colours used in this project and I think the logo is effective, however, I feel that this isn’t suited for the target audience as it still has the feeling of being aimed towards older people.

Alice Beavon –


I love the concept of turning your childhood memories into new adulthood memories as I feel everyone will be able to join in with this, I also love the simplicity yet effectiveness of the images as they have a childlike feel about them.

Tristan Palmer –


I love this campaign, I think the use of photography is strong and relates to the National Trust, I like how type and paper have been used and photographed to inspire people.

Sam Lihou –


The idea behind this campaign is to make people celebrate the unnoticed, magnificent little things in their lives.  The group designed a supporting app which brings their campaign together and appeals to the modern visitor.





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