My Campaign

I looked at the National Trust’s previous campaigns and looking at the research and taking on board the responses from my questionnaire, I decided the best way to make the National Trust appeal to 25 – 40 year olds  was through their activities.

The activities that the National Trust have –



I also looked at ways to communicate that would be suitable for the target audience and work best for the National Trust –



I feel the best ways to communicate will be through Facebook and Instagram as these will be easily accessible from smartphones and gives a mixture between photography and communication.

My campaign is about making the audience aware of the activities that National Trust have and promoting them in a fun and exciting way that is different from the current National Trust branding. I want to create a set of posters that engage with the target audience such as working environments and combine NT activities into these scenes. This will add humour to the campaign and make people look twice at them. I will think of a slogan that is appropriate for the target audience, funny and at the same time gets the message across. The posters will contain a QR code which will allow the audience to download the campaigns app straight to their smartphones. The app will show the audience all of the activities that the Trust has, give information about the activity and locate their nearest Trust park which they can book all from the power of the fingertips. The audience will then be able to share their photos and experiences on the National Trust Instagram and Facebook pages.

This will be suitable for the target audience as it combines social media, smartphone technology and the outside world into one campaign.


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