Why does the National Trust need to reposition?



The mind map above shows where the National Trust have currently positioned themselves, how they promote themselves and why I feel they need to reposition.

I feel that the National Trust is currently boring, old fashioned and very predictable due to it’s choice in photographs and language. However, I feel it is good that they celebrate places and protect our heritage, get children involved with nature and think about the future generations, yet I still think they give out an image that attracts older people as they are very traditional.

They promote themselves through the form of many different social medias and campaigns. There most effective social media is Twitter as here they have the most followers. Twitter – https://twitter.com/nationaltrust

I feel the best ways for them to share photos is on Instagram, everyone loves to share photos and the National Trust has a lot of strong photography and it is a good way for their members and visitors to share their experiences. I think this could be a good way to get my target audience involved.

I feel they need to reposition if they are to reach out to a younger and more modern visitor, they need to become more modern and fun, be more exciting and unexpected, surprise people and stop being so stereotypical and add more character to their campaigns.



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