What is Virtue?

Virtue refers to something’s ‘goodness’ and moral excellence. It is a positive trait or quality which is seen as being morally good, they can be characteristics that make up a person and their individual greatness.

Dictionary definition –

virtue |ˈvərCHo͞o|
1 behavior showing high moral standards: paragons of virtue.
• a quality considered morally good or desirable in a person: patience is a virtue.
• a good or useful quality of a thing: Mike was extolling the virtues of the car | there’s no virtue in suffering in silence.
• archaic virginity or chastity, esp. of a woman.
2 (virtues) (in traditional Christian angelology) the seventh highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.
by (or in) virtue of because or as a result of.
make a virtue of derive benefit or advantage from submitting to (an unwelcome obligation or unavoidable circumstance).
virtueless adjective
ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French vertu, from Latin virtus ‘valor, merit, moral perfection,’ from vir ‘man.’



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