Metamorphosis – My Project – Game Board

For this brief the themes that I chose from the book were status and power. I chose these themes because in the book Gregor is more like the head of the house as he is the sole provider. Also, when Gregor’s father aggressively controls Gregor and throws apples at him and when Gregor dies the father regains his power as head of the household. We also see how important status is to the family as they are upset with how unclean Gregor is and disturbs order in the house but they are more worried about what other people think instead of caring for Gregor, which should be more important.

The format of my project is a board game with a target audience aimed at families, 14+. The concept of my project is to remind people to be grateful for what they have in their lives, appreciate one another and to live in the moment as anything could happen to us at anytime. These events may be positive or negative but they could have drastic long-term effects. Also in today’s society people are ruled by technology and become disconnected from one another, therefore, this board game allows people to spend time having fun with one another which is important.


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