Typography for Children

Typography for Children

This website is really good at explaining how my target audience learn to read and choice of typeface is very important.

Children learn by reading each individual letter and learning which sounds go with which letter shape, therefore the typeface must be easy to read and set out in a clear and structured way. The typeface needs to be simple and have round and opened counters.

Typefaces that have been designed for my target audience include –

• Sassoon Primary

• Bembo Infant

• Gill Infant

I should look for typefaces that have larger x-heights as these are easier to read, it is important to find a typeface that has the correct letter shape for letters such as ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘g’ etc.

Sans serif and sans typefaces can work well for children as long as they follow the rules listed above, they should not use condensed, bold or expanded fonts as these make reading difficult, they should be a medium weight and italics are usually avoided.

New readers have to learn to read words left to right and their eyes jump from a line ending to the start of the next line, therefore, to ensure this is easier a text size of 14 – 24 points should be used and leading should be between 4 – 6 points. There should not be too much text on a page and length lines should be short so as not to lose the attention of the reader. Ensure this is a strong contrast between type and image so that it stands out.

For the titles, the text can be more playful and creative. The style, colour and layout add interest to the book and can still easily be read by the children, by keeping it curved and colourful will attract young readers.



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