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Miles of Smiles Portfolio


Beauty Shots

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Dinky – Photo Contact Sheet

A contact sheet of photographs of Dinky that will help me decide which images to use within my final book.

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Type as Image

I have created a range of images using type to help support my text and story and work alongside my photos.

Drawn Images-01


If I include body copy within my book  I will need to find a suitable font, therefore I have tested different leadings, point size and typefaces. I have also been looking at different types of typefaces to find ones that are suitable to reinforce messages and create feelings.

Grid4 Grid3


My Experiments

I experimented with different ways of using type. However, I feel that these don’t communicate the message that I want to get across.

Type Experiements-01

Influential Imagery

Here are a range of different styles of design and image that incorporate type creatively and in a modern way. I feel that these styles will be appropriate to help influence the design for my project.

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