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Kodak Rebrand – Pitch Document

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Kodak Rebrand – ‘Pictures on the move’


Kodak’s failure to embrace technology and keep up with its main competitors lead to Kodak’s image being associated with something that is old fashioned and boring – who wants instamatic photos when the exciting digital era was developing?

Researching Kodak’s history, it becomes apparent that in its day Kodak was at the leading edge of technology and was involved in many projects recording some of the most significant achievements in human history, to remind the target audience of these accomplishments whilst showing how Kodak has now caught up and overtaken its main competitors gives the brand quality heritage and reliability so people can be confident that Kodak will capture their memories.

Kodak needs to remind the audience of its heritage and achievements in the past and how they are the brand to be trusted with precious memories of the future.

Harnessing technology to create a modern approach to sharing moments whilst giving quality prints of those special memories will make Kodak attractive to the target audience, fitting in with their busy lifestyles, keeping their memories safe so they don’t have to.


A picture can take you back to a moment in time and with the range of posters they do just this, associating Kodak with these moments that it helped to capture. With references made to Kodak’s new online share and store facilities together with a strong image, create reliability and security for the audience’s precious memories, the posters help to encourage consumer involvement by inviting them to be a part of the Kodak Klick community.

Kodak Klick website embraces social media with its own concept of storing and sharing your memories with friends and family easily and quickly with the option of a quality Kodak print of your most precious memories.

Mobile phones are becoming essential in capturing memories, the Kodak Klick phone app embraces technology, allowing the user to easily upload, edit and share on the go – giving you real pictures on the move.

Kodak – Double Page Spread

Kodak - Double Page Spread

After I had finished designing my posters, I felt that a DPS might be an effective way to advertise the rebrand of Kodak as I would be able to talk about the history of Kodak, the updated logo and how people can get involved, it would be a simple but effective way to handle a lot of information, I thought it would also allow me the chance to be creative with the spread layout and design. However, in a feedback session, my idea was quite weak but discussion lead me to another application concept, a phone app that can capture, edit, upload send and print images, this would then link to a community website where people can sign up and get involved by sharing and storing their memories, this would create a strong rebrand suitable for the target audience and it would be of interest. For my final rebrand and pitch document, this DPS will not be included.