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My Final Article Design

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Tech Junkies Spread


My Cover Development

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TMIME Masthead

Below is an image of our masthead. The masthead represents our concept. We have used colours relating to the sins, we have overlapped the letters to form a symbol and show over-exaggeration and the number 7 has been created in white.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 19.56.24



This magazine looks really fresh, clean and crisp. The layouts are simple and well spaced out. I like how the text or the photos take over certain pages.

Modern Triangles Magazine

Modern Triangles Magazine

There is a good, strong layout which can be seen throughout the magazine and the use of colour is effective and works well with the crisp and sharpness of the white. I like how photographs have been put in the shapes throughout. I feel this layout and colour effect would be suitable for our concept. 



The white and black with hints of colour are successful.

Jwrnl Magazine

Jwrnl Magazine

I love the masthead, it is fun, creative and innovative and I like how it ties in with the border creating a frame for the cover image. I like how the magazine has pull out sections which allows people to interact and I like how it uses photograph as its main focus point.

LUKS Magazine – Issue 2

LUKS Magazine – Issue 2

I think the black and white illustrations are really cute and successful, I really like the feel of the magazine as it is quite laid-back and chilled. I think the use of just red on the cover in a paint effect is effective and the masthead is timeless.

Dédalo Magazine #09

Dédalo Magazine #09

The use of three colours is really strong and I feel the layouts work well with the space as they don’t feel over crowded but it feels as if there is enough content on the pages that are equally balanced out. I like the mixture of typefaces and how the colour controls the design.

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise

Pretty Ugly, Pretty Wise

I love this magazine. It is cute, fun and colourful. I think the illustration is really effective and the typeface helps set the tone of the magazine strongly. I love the use of just red, blue and white as this creates consistency.