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Social Impact

Social Design

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In design terms, social impact is all about creating a better world, whether this be enhancing people’s lives, practical innovations or addressing problems, the main purpose is to form a society.

Designing for social purpose is about focusing on social issues that are affecting the world, communication is key to connect with society.

The above image shows ‘how, what, where and why’ social design is needed and used.

(Source – Shermeen Ahmed)


Final Book Jackets

Photography Cover

Photography Cover

Digital Cover

Digital Cover

Print Cover

Print Cover

Print Cover – Development

Work to be added after Penguin submission deadline.

My Print Development


For this print, I wanted it to be very dark and dramatic and have the body contrast the background. Text would stand out strongly and the book jacket would look very simple yet effective.Acrylic Texture

I wanted to create a layered, dark, mysterious and textured print so that it would reflect the aspects that are explored within the story.

Printed Type

This is one of my favourite prints, it is very textured, layered and mysterious much like the story, the type stands out and works strongly with its alignment. This would be a suitable and effective book jacket.

Print Room – Silk Screen Printing

Silk Stencil Print

These prints have been produced using a silk screen, the idea behind the above image is to show the layers in the story and relate to the oilfields, the white areas would have text digitally applied. This print looks at a different aspect from the story, however, I think it feels slightly too happy and colourful for the story.

Silk Stencil Print

This is a silk screen produced by cut out type, my influence for this design is one of my favourite graphic designers, Saul Bass. The type is powerful and strong and I like the effect the ink has given the type, making it textured, build up, matte and shiny. I know that my work is a lot like Bass’ with the body image, but I feel his work it is appropriate for this style of story and would interest a range of audiences.

Willem Sandberg and Saul Bass

Willem Sandberg Art

This is the work the work by Willem Sandberg, a Dutch typographer. I chose to look at his work as I like the raw feel it has to it, it’s simple, fresh and colourful. I could use this technique to strongly show elements from the story for my print cover, I could tear bits of paper and then screen print over them, this would create dramatic contrasting effects and create a ‘rough’, textured style print.



Saul Bass Art

This is the work of my all time favourite graphic designer, Saul Bass. I love his work as it is timeless, colourful, simple and interesting, I would love to recreate his work for ‘The Big Sleep’ the hands could be used to show corruption and bribery, and the body would be a strong element to represent all of the deaths in the book and how everyone wants a piece of/from someone else. I love the simple shapes he uses and textures created, I feel his work would be very suitable for my target audience.

Digital Cover – ‘Dots’ Development

Work to be added after Penguin submission deadline.

Digital Cover – ‘Dots’ Idea

Work to be added after Penguin submission deadline.