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Group Summary

In conclusion to our brief, we’ve learnt quite a lot of things during the course of creating a campaign for Plan, such as the concept of social impact. This enabled us to focus on how to create our designs that could communicate a message or cause for concern to the audience. It also made us realise the importance of what key concerns we were communicating.

Our main learning outcome for us is how we worked as a group, as last year, we only worked as groups for short projects that would last for a week, therefore once we had to engage with one another through meetings and emailing our creative journeys, we came to realise that there were differences in our thoughts and opinions, which lead to further discussion on resolving these issues, especially when it came to designing.

Due to the separation of tasks, only a few from our group could decide how to design our final work, to improve on this matter, we should have included all of us in our design decisions; therefore we would have all had a better understanding of our approach.

Although it has been difficult in terms of creating new concepts or design decisions, we worked as a team from start to finish, though occasionally we decided as a group some of the decisions, we have put all our efforts in forming our work.


Poster Development


Poster DevelopmentPoster Development

Poster Development




Poster Development Poster Development Poster Development Poster Development Poster Development

Our Poster Photos

Our Photos


These are images of speech that we intend to use in our posters they have been created by team members. We thought that an image relating to the body copy and the story of the girl would make her voice more personal and powerful.

Inspirational Punctuation Imagery

Inspirational Punctuation Imagery


These are a selection of images that we referred to when designing our final posters, we felt that the use of punctuation looked simple yet strong and delivered a strong, powerful message.


Source –Ā 


To enhance our punctuation campaign we looked at charity NSPCC, their ‘Cruelty to children must stop FULL STOP’ campaign was really effective and strong as it used punctuation to get across their message. It puts more power into their statement, showing that this will be the ‘end’ and we must make it ‘stop’. It is a powerful way to get across a message and hit the audience hard and emotionally. We want to use speech marks and other forms of punctuation such as ‘!, ?, #’ to strengthen our message and get people involved.

Initial Poster Concept

Initial Poster Concept


This was our first concept, the feedback we received was –

  • dull colour choices, incorporate pink into the design
  • looks more like ’69’ than speech marks
  • typeface colours and hierarchy
  • focus on the girls more

Case Studies

Grascious Geeta


The above links are the case studies that we have focused our designs on, we feel that these are very strong and successful stories that show how Plan UK is currently helping girls in poorer countries. We want to use these facts and portray them in a strong way but focus on the speech aspect, giving girls a voice, letting them tell the audience about how they have changed their lives, therefore making the audience want to get involved and help support the campaign.